Common Punjabi Wedding Traditional Songs

Common Punjabi Wedding Traditional Songs

Just for fun we have searched the internet to find you this check list of Traditional songs for a Punjabi Wedding.

Information copied below has been taken from Wikapedia:

Songs of the bridegroom's side

  • Mangane di geet: sung at the time of engagement
  • Maneve de gaon: songs sung to welcome the bridegroom
  • Gharouli de geet: sung while filling the pitcher (gharouli) for Bride/Bridegroom's bath before the wedding
  • Chounki charanvele de geet: songs sung when the bridegroom sits on the chounki wooden bathing seat
  • Suhag: sung by the bride in praise of her parents and the happy days of her childhood and in anticipation of happy days ahead
  • Jaggo: procession song to call the neighbours to the wedding
  • Churra charan vele da geet: sung when the chura ceremonial bangles are worn by the bride
  • Janj: sung when the janj marriage procession is to be greeted
  • Milni: sung at the ritual introduction of the two sides
  • Ghenne de geet: sung when the bride is adorned with jewels
  • Siftan: song in praise of the bridegroom
  • Chhandh: evolved from poetry, songs of joy

Sitthniyan (taunts)

  • Song sung when the bridegroom's procession is being welcomed
  • Song sung when the wari, or gifts from the bridegroom's side, are being exhibited
  • Song sung when the groom's party sits down to the meal
  • Song sung when the daaj, dowry or the bridal gifts, are being displayed


  • Lavan Phere: sung at the time of the actual wedding ritual
  • Maiya: sung when the girl is preparing for the wedding and is bathed by the women at home. It goes for both men and women.
  • Vedi de geet: sung while erecting the marriage pandal
  • Khatt: sung at the time the maternal grandparents present gifts to the bride on an overturned tokra, or basket
  • Pani vaarna: welcoming the bride to her new home
  • Bidaigi: sung when the bride is being sent off in the doli
  • Ghughrian: sung when the doli arrives at the groom's house
  • Shahana: sung by mirasis in praise of the bridegroom
  • Til Methre: sung while welcoming the bride and orienting her to the family
  • Pattal: song sung before meal