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DIY Draping For Barn Wedding

Updated: Aug 26

Wondering how we draped this barn? We will tell you the supplies you can use to get this look at an affordable price. The products recommending will not be this exact fabric but will give you the look for a much cheaper price. Grab a ladder and start your DIY draping design.

Wedding Ceremony Barn Draping

Supplies Needed:

Staple Gun (if your venue allows)

Ivory String or Pipe Cleaners (If your venue does not allow staples)

Purchase enough fabric to complete the desired swoops and look. https://bit.ly/319Gub3

Check with your venue to see if you are required to have Fire Retardant Fabric.

Fabric For Arch https://bit.ly/31bk3m5

Ceiling Design:

Grab your ladder and place your fabric over the beams. Use staples to secure the start section. Before you secure the opposite side you will need to even out your swoops. Secure the end with a staple gun or your ties. I would use 2 pieces of the fabric gathered together to create a nice full draped look.

Arch Design:

If your arch height is 10' you will need 20' of fabric for each draped section. I would use 6-8 pieces for a nice full look. Place the fabric up and over the beam. Tie the fabric to each side beam for the desired draped look using a sash.

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