DIY Silk Flower Wall Wedding Backdrop Supply List

Updated: Aug 26, 2020

Do you want to WOW your guest?

If you answered yes then a flower wall backdrop is for you!

Get this look!

DIY Silk Flower Wall Supply List:

10FT x 10FT - DIY Adjustable Metal Heavy Duty Backdrop Stand

Hydrangea Flowers Wall Mat Panels Total 38 pieces

Fabric of choice to create your look of choice

Sash Ties 2-4 depending on draping style

Zip Ties, Pipe Cleaners, or string rope

Floral wire or floral tape


How to set up Backdrop Stand:

  1. Connect the support stand to the base

  2. Insert the adjustable width telescopic cross bar on top of the stand

  3. To Tighten: Turn Knob RIGHT

  4. To Loosen: Turn Knob LEFT

Connect the Hydrangea Flower Wall Mat Panels:

  1. Connect together using connecting spots on panels.

  2. I would also suggest connecting using floral wire or floral tape for extra enforcement. This will help secure the pieces to stay together.

Connecting the Flower Panels To Backdrop Stand:

  1. Using string or wire attach it to the crossbar and through a loop of the flower panel. Then tie or secure the wire allowing the flower wall to hang.

  2. Secure the sides of the flower wall to the up rights. Using the wire or string rope to attach the panels to the upright bars.

Supplies to Create Draping Style Like Our Photo

  1. 4 pieces of 20' long fabric choice

  2. 1 piece of 30' long fabric of choice

Take the 4 pieces of fabric and place on the backdrop. You will have half of one piece in front and half the other half in back. This is called up and over. Space the 4 pieces out evenly across the 10' flower wall.

Tie one piece to each up right to create a open curtain look. Take the other two pieces of fabric and gather them. Use chair sashes to tie your curtain design.

Use the 30' piece of fabric to create a swag valence design of your choice.

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