Postwedding Planning Checklist

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

Your wonderful wedding full of great memories is now over, your returned from your amazing honeymoon! Now what? Time to finish the last to-do list..


Send thank you notes to your guest. Generally 1 month after the return from your honeymoon is standard timing.

Don't forget to send thank you notes to your vendors and also make sure they are all paid up.

Time to change your name if you choose to, but how?

  1. Change your social security card

  2. Order several copies of your marriage license for name change applications.

  3. Visit your local DMV to change your drivers license.

  4. Update your voter registration.

  5. Change your passport if you have one.

  6. Update Bank accounts and 401K's

  7. Update Credit card companies

  8. Update Utilities

  9. Update Insurance companies

  10. Update Job

  11. Update Gym

  12. Update Memberships & Subscriptions

  13. Automobile

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