The Day Before Wedding Planning Checklist

Tomorrow is your big day! No reason to have a sleepless night.

Follow this checklist and you will be sure to sleep a restful night!

The Day Before

Contact your vendors one last time.

  • Confirm they have directions

  • Delivery and pick up times

  • Assigned day of contact information

  • Point person during your wedding ceremony & reception.

  • Discuss with vendors any last minute weather arrangements that may be needed.

Prepare your toast to your guests and hosts!

Pack emergency day kit

Survival: phone charger, water, protein bar or pretzels, and tissues

Health & Beauty: medication, brush, dental floss, hair spray, bobby pins, band-aids, tweezers, nail file, mints, deodorant, tums, mirror, Tylenol, tampons, cotton balls, cover-up, lip gloss, lipstick, mascara, nail polish, perfume, hand cream

Dress Related: safety pin, extra pair of stockings, superglue, stain remover, double sided tape, static-cling spray, small steamer, sewing kit, chalk.

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